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F1 Brings the Excitement to Las Vegas with Music, Celebrities, and a High-Speed Race

Racing Fun in Las Vegas

In the midst of a demanding travel schedule, Formula 1 driver Alex Albon found time to focus on his golf game while preparing to race in Las Vegas. Despite feeling confident on the Las Vegas street circuit after extensive simulator practice, his golf skills were not on par.

The Netflix Cup

Albon and three other drivers participated in “The Netflix Cup,” a televised golf match that featured F1 drivers teaming up with golfers from “Full Swing.” The event marked the start of a week filled with parties and concerts leading up to the race in Las Vegas on Saturday night.

Golfing Victories

Justin Thomas and partner Carlos Sainz of Ferrari emerged victorious at the Wynn Golf Club match and celebrated their win by accidentally breaking the trophy during their jubilant champagne celebration. This marked a significant achievement for Sainz, an accomplished golfer who previously participated in the Ryder Cup All-Star Match in Rome.

Entertainment Extravaganza

The upcoming week in Las Vegas promises to be unlike any other event on the F1 calendar, with casinos, clubs, and restaurants offering special packages to entertain fans during the late-night race events that start on Thursday.

Extravagant Experiences

Various venues around Las Vegas are offering unique experiences such as a “Shoey Bar,” celebrity stylist sessions, pop-up boutiques, and special dinners with renowned chefs. This exceptional lineup provides an unparalleled entertainment experience for F1 enthusiasts.

Unparalleled Setting

The buzz surrounding the Las Vegas event has exceeded the expectations of the drivers, who find themselves captivated by the fabulous location and iconic landmarks such as The Sphere, the world’s largest spherical structure.

Exclusive Race Content

Special preparations have been made for the race, including ensuring that The Sphere’s exterior LED screen, a colossal 366-feet tall and 516-feet wide structure, does not cause distractions. The race will feature exclusive content created by Sphere Studios and will showcase Aston Martin’s largest marketing push in team history.

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