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Biden Issues Executive Order to Tackle AI-Related Issues

President Biden has issued an executive order aimed at addressing the potential threats posed by artificial intelligence (AI). The White House claims that this order represents the most comprehensive set of actions taken by any government to mitigate risks and harness the benefits of AI.

According to Bruce Reed, White House Deputy Chief of Staff, this executive order is part of a broader strategy to leverage AI while minimizing associated risks. The order introduces significant changes to the federal government’s approach to AI, including new standards for the industry and measures to address concerns about national security, economic threats, privacy, civil rights, consumer protections, and jobs.

To enhance safety and security in AI development, private AI developers whose technology poses risks to national security, economic security, or public health and safety will be required to share their safety test results with the federal government. Additionally, various agencies will collaborate to establish standards, tools, and tests to ensure AI security and bolster public trust.

The order also mandates the development of new standards for screening biological synthesis in order to prevent the creation of dangerous biological materials using AI. The Department of Commerce will be tasked with implementing rules to identify AI-generated content online and prevent fraud and deception.

In line with the Biden administration’s commitment to racial equity, the executive order seeks to prevent landlords and federal contractors from engaging in discriminatory practices through the use of AI. It also outlines best practices for law enforcement agencies when utilizing AI technology.

Furthermore, the order addresses concerns about the potential adverse effects of AI on consumers by establishing safety programs for AI use in healthcare and education.

The executive order includes a call to Congress to pass bipartisan data privacy legislation for the protection of Americans, particularly children.

President Biden’s action follows Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer’s recent announcement that legislation on AI is a few months away from being considered by the Senate. Schumer emphasized the importance of addressing AI’s impact on elections as a priority.

Unlike many policy areas affected by partisan divisions in Washington, AI has garnered broad support, with lawmakers recognizing the need to act to prevent China from gaining an advantage in this field.

In summary, President Biden’s executive order on AI represents a significant step towards managing and maximizing the benefits of AI while mitigating potential risks.

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