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U.S. Attorney Alleges DOJ and FBI Impeded Investigation into Biden-Ukraine Ties and $10M Bribe

The U.S. attorney assigned to investigate the Biden family’s dealings in Ukraine, including allegations of accepting a $10 million bribe, has told House lawmakers that the Justice Department and FBI hindered his investigation.

Scott Brady, the former U.S. attorney for the Western District of Pennsylvania, stated in a closed-door interview that top FBI officials attempted to slow down or stop his investigation into the Bidens’ connections to a Ukrainian energy company. The FBI agents working on the case were frequently delayed or blocked by officials at FBI headquarters.

Brady revealed that his team was prevented from advancing the investigation for five months at one point, making it incredibly challenging to make progress. Despite this, Brady determined that the allegations against the Bidens were credible enough to warrant further investigation.

However, when he alerted three U.S. attorney’s offices about the allegations, none of them followed up on the case. Brady’s investigation took place while Joe Biden was running for president, and it concluded before the 2020 election.

Brady’s team faced difficulties in developing communication channels with the U.S. attorney’s office in Delaware, which was also investigating Hunter Biden on tax fraud charges. The lack of cooperation forced Brady to involve David Weiss, the U.S. attorney for Delaware.

House investigators have been examining the Biden family’s business deals for months and have found evidence of the family’s involvement in lucrative deals in China, Ukraine, Russia, Romania, and other countries. They have also discovered that Joe Biden was aware of these deals and participated in meetings related to them.

The allegations against the Bidens have been dismissed by Democrats as baseless and politically motivated.

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