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Biden Requests Congressional Support for Israel and Ukraine

President Biden is requesting funding from Congress to provide assistance to both Israel and Ukraine, according to a top White House adviser. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan stated that the requests for aid will be drafted by the White House Office of Management and Budget, although he did not provide specifics on how the requests will be packaged or if they will include additional provisions.

Mr. Sullivan emphasized that President Biden has made it clear that the request to Congress will include funding for support to Israel, as well as a renewed request for aid to Ukraine. However, requests for additional aid to Ukraine have faced opposition from House Republicans who question the plan and the goals for the conflict with Russia, especially considering the significant amount of assistance that has already been provided.

Lawmakers have generally been more receptive to providing aid for Israel. President Biden is seeking an additional $24 billion for Ukraine as it defends itself against Russian aggression. However, due to a recent stopgap bill passed by Congress to fund the government for 45 days, the request for aid to Ukraine is currently in limbo.

The recent attack on Israel by Palestinian militants has further complicated the situation. The ouster of Rep. Kevin McCarthy as House speaker has added to the turmoil. While some Republicans, such as Sen. Josh Hawley, have suggested prioritizing support for Israel over the European conflict, President Biden has affirmed that funding for both Ukraine and Israel will be pursued.

Sen. Chris Murphy, a Democrat from Connecticut, has called on Congress to act swiftly in providing support for both Ukraine and Israel, urging them to fulfill their responsibilities, approve aid for Ukraine, and confirm national security nominees.

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