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Israeli Prime Minister in Live Speech to Nation

Israel Prime Minister: Benjamin Netanyahu

– Hamas requested war and will face war
– Hamas is similar to ISIS and we will eliminate it the same way the enlightened world eliminated ISIS.
– There are still militants in our areas, and we will work on eliminating them
– We will focus on strengthening our borders with Lebanon and the West Bank
– Our aim is to gain international support, providing us with a larger margin of freedom
– I urge opposition leaders to establish an emergency unity government
– Every place where Hamas operates will be reduced to ruins
– The internal division in Israel is a thing of the past
– Initially, we cleared the towns surrounding the Gaza Strip of militants
– We appreciate the unprecedented international support for Israel
– There are still Palestinian militants within Israel
– The actions we take against our enemies will have long-lasting effects
– Our regional enemies understand the significance of the arrival of a US aircraft carrier
– We will do everything in our power for the kidnapped and missing individuals
– Challenging days lay ahead, but we are determined to prevail

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