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Gretchen Whitmer Criticized for Omitting Israel in Appeal for Regional Peace

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer faced criticism for failing to mention Israel in her appeal for regional peace after a recent incident. The Democrat governor had tweeted an ambiguous message expressing sympathy for the unnamed region impacted by an event. Critics, including conservative commentator Steve Guest and former co-host of ABC’s “The View” Meghan McCain, called out Whitmer for her lack of specificity. Many argued that she should explicitly mention Israel, as Israelis had been murdered by Palestinian terrorists. After the backlash, Whitmer released a follow-up statement condemning the loss of life in Israel and expressing her support. However, critics still argued that Whitmer should have directly mentioned Hamas as the group responsible for the attack.

The attack carried out by Hamas has put Democrats in a messaging dilemma, as polls show party members increasingly sympathizing with the Palestinians in the ongoing conflict with Israel. Michigan, with a large U.S. Muslim community, has become a focal point in this discussion. Critics argue that Whitmer’s reluctance to explicitly condemn Hamas is indicative of a larger issue within the Democratic Party.

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