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RFK Jr. to Launch Independent Presidential Bid, Promising Democratic Revolution

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is expected to announce his independent presidential candidacy on Monday. The 69-year-old Kennedy, a member of the prominent Kennedy family, has been involved in various causes during the 2024 presidential race. He has voiced skepticism about vaccines, championed anti-war efforts, and advocated for environmental preservation. Kennedy also intends to promote a “peaceful revolution” in America. While his Democratic bid for the nomination has not gained much traction, he has consistently garnered about 15% of the Democratic vote. On Monday, he plans to make a major announcement in Philadelphia regarding a significant change in American politics and the role that citizens play in it.

Cornel West, another progressive figure, is also running as an independent candidate, having abandoned a Green Party run. Both Kennedy and West will need to fulfill filing requirements and deadlines in order to qualify for state ballots.

It remains to be seen whether Kennedy’s independent bid will impact President Biden or former President Donald Trump more, should they face off in a rematch. Some believe that Kennedy could be a bigger threat to Biden, as his Democratic roots may appeal to a range of voters who are dissatisfied with Biden’s performance. Kennedy has taken positions that resonate with conservatives, such as advocating for dismantling the deep state and promoting medical freedom.

Kennedy has criticized the Democratic National Committee for allegedly favoring Biden and taking steps to secure his nomination without much resistance, despite Biden’s low approval ratings and concerns about his mental fitness. His key priorities for his presidential campaign include raising the minimum wage, expanding free health care for children, reducing mortgage rates, empowering labor unions, securing the southern border, reallocating military spending, increasing corporate taxes, and ending U.S. involvement in Ukraine.

While some suggest that Kennedy’s candidacy could be detrimental to Biden’s chances of reelection, others speculate that his presence in the race could also hurt Trump. Debate continues regarding the potential impact of Kennedy’s independent bid on the 2024 presidential election.


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