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McCarthy Unfazed by Need for Democratic Support to Pass Short-Term Spending Bill

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is confident he has enough support to pass a 45-day stopgap spending measure in the lower chamber, even if it requires Democratic votes. However, ninety-one Republicans, including members of the conservative Freedom Caucus, voted against the measure. This could lead to a revolt against McCarthy’s speakership next week.

Despite the potential backlash, McCarthy remains optimistic that he will weather the storm. He believes Republicans are disappointed that eight lingering appropriation spending bills were not passed before the temporary spending bill was approved.

McCarthy emphasizes that it is necessary for both Republicans and Democrats to work together and put America first. He is ready to face any challenges to his leadership and assures that he will govern with the best interests of the country in mind.

While some Republicans criticize McCarthy for failing to pass twelve spending measures, no motion to remove him from the speakership has been announced. Representative Matt Gaetz of Florida suggests that McCarthy’s speakership is on shaky ground.

Gaetz points out that delaying the passage of the spending bills does not demonstrate responsible leadership. He believes it would have been more sensible to address these issues earlier in the year rather than taking a break in August.

McCarthy also references Gaetz’s opposition to his speakership in January, implying that Gaetz’s current criticism may be politically motivated. McCarthy won the speakership after 15 rounds of voting, with opposition from individuals who have now voted against the more conservative stopgap measure.

The bill to extend current levels of government funding for 45 days passed in the House with a 335-91 vote, with all the opposing votes cast by House Republicans. The bill will now move to the Senate for an immediate vote, bypassing regular order.

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