Joe Biden Rejects Impeachment Probe: ‘I Have Work to Do’

President Biden has dismissed the impeachment inquiry launched by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, stating that he is going to focus on his job and not what he believes is a political stunt. During a campaign fundraiser in Virginia, Biden stated that he doesn’t know why they want to impeach him, but believes it is because they want to shut down the government. He emphasized that he wakes up every day not focused on impeachment, but rather on dealing with issues that affect the American people. Republicans have accused Biden of benefiting from his son’s foreign business ventures while he was vice president, but the White House denies any wrongdoing and states that there is no evidence to suggest the president’s involvement in his son’s business dealings. The impeachment inquiry gives the House more subpoena and investigative powers, allowing them to obtain bank statements and other relevant documents related to the Biden family’s business dealings.

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