Venice, Italy to Impose Entrance Fees for Day Trips Amid High Tourist Numbers

Venice officials have announced that they will be introducing an entrance fee for day trippers visiting the city’s Old City for a 30-day trial period in spring 2024.

The fee will amount to five euros, or $5.40, although the start date and specific details of the trial run have yet to be determined, according to Venice Mayor Luigi Brugnaro.

The fee will apply to all day trippers over the age of 14, with a few exceptions. Children under 14, individuals requiring medical care, overnight tourists, residents of the Veneto region, athletes participating in competitions in Venice, and relatives of those living in the Old City will be exempt from the charge.

Residents of the rest of Venice, workers, commuters, and local students will also be excluded from the fee.

The introduction of the fee aims to strike a balance between the needs of Venetian locals and the demands of tourism. City officials want visitors to understand that the measure is being implemented to ensure the effective management of housing and tourism.

“The message we want to convey is that Venice is accessible and open to visitors, both domestic and international. However, it is crucial for everyone to understand that proper planning is necessary to maintain a balance between housing and tourism,” said Michele Zuin, the city’s budget councilor.

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