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Michael Oher Demands Financial Records for ‘The Blind Side’ in Conservatorship Dispute

Lawyers representing former NFL player Michael Oher are requesting his school records and information related to contracts and payments for the movie “The Blind Side” as part of his ongoing legal battle with Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy.

Three subpoenas were issued by the Shelby County Probate Court, targeting Memphis Shelby County Schools, Alcon Entertainment (the film’s producer), and Creative Artists Agency (CAA), a prominent talent agency.

Oher, who was taken in by the Tuohys while he was a high school football player in Memphis, is seeking to terminate the conservatorship overseen by the Tuohys. He claims that they lied to him about the nature of the arrangement, portraying themselves as his adoptive parents instead of his conservators. Oher is demanding a full accounting of the earnings from his name and story, as well as the termination of the conservatorship and payment of what he is owed.

According to Oher, the conservatorship agreement signed in 2004 was not what he had understood it to be, and it did not provide any familial relationship with the Tuohys. He alleges that they withheld information about the financial matters involving his name, image, and likeness during the past 19 years.

The Tuohys deny the allegations of self-enrichment and describe Oher’s claims as baseless and part of a “shakedown.” Their lawyers state that Oher was aware of the conservatorship long before this year and propose entering into a consent order to end it.

The Tuohys’ lawyers explain that the conservatorship was established to help Oher with health insurance, obtaining a driver’s license, and gaining admission to college. In Tennessee, conservatorships are typically put in place for individuals with medical conditions or disabilities.

Oher’s petition argues that his conservatorship was approved even though he was over 18 years old and did not have any diagnosed physical or psychological disabilities.

The Tuohys’ lawyers claim that the couple received a small advance from the production company for “The Blind Side” based on a book written by Sean Tuohy’s friend. They assert that the profit from the film, including Oher’s share, was distributed equally and that the couple paid taxes on Oher’s portion on his behalf. They have supporting documents, such as profit participation checks and studio accounting statements, to back up their statements.

Two of the subpoenas are aimed at obtaining all documents and communications related to Oher from Alcon Entertainment and CAA. This includes contract details and payments pertaining to the book and movie adaptation of “The Blind Side” that were made to the Tuohys or their foundation.

The third subpoena requests Oher’s cumulative school records and any communications between Memphis Shelby County Schools and the Tuohys.

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