Musician Slams GOP for Using Their Song ‘Rich Men North of Richmond’ at Presidential Debate

The musician behind the chart-topping song “Rich Men North of Richmond” has expressed frustration over the GOP’s use of the song as a political tool at the presidential debate. Oliver Anthony, the songwriter from Virginia, spoke out against the political weaponization of his song, particularly when it was used as the opening question for the Republican debate hosted by Fox News. Anthony found it amusing to see his song being played at the debate since it was actually written about the politicians on the stage. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis incorrectly linked the song to President Biden, but Anthony clarified that it has nothing to do with the president. The song criticizes not only the politicians on the stage but also others as well. Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum defended the decision to kick off the debate with the song, stating that it was meant to spark an important conversation about welfare programs and government assistance. The song’s popularity has skyrocketed, reaching the number one position on the Billboard Chart. Anthony describes himself as politically neutral and dislikes seeing his song being weaponized by both the Right and the Left. He believes that it’s time for that to stop.