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World Record Set by Georgian’s Collection of 8,000+ Souvenirs in Their Bat Cave

A Batman fan’s Bat Cave has set a mark recognized in the Guinness World Records for the largest collection of Caped Crusader memorabilia with at least 8,226 pieces.

Brad Ladner of Milton, Georgia, first started the heroic hoard in 1988 after being affected by “A Death in the Family,” a Batman comic storyline.

“I took it home and read it and something just awoke. It was different, more intense than cartoons and campy TV. People die, Batman is serious and there is real danger. I just fell head over Converse in love,” Mr. Ladner said in a news release by Guinness World Records Monday.

As of 2015 when the record was broken and verified, Mr. Ladner had 8,226 pieces in the hoard. Guinness World Records did not disclose the current amount of Mr. Ladner‘s Batman merchandise.

Mr. Ladner categorizes the collection by year, by item type, and by which Batman property or brand the item is associated with. For example, shoes, hats, and T-shirts are displayed together.

“Things from movies and media are displayed and organized by the brand, so Batman ‘66 stuff is together, Batman ‘89 movie stuff is together, animated stuff is together,” Mr. Ladner elaborated.

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