Chicago Police Report Rideshare Driver Shoots Two Robbers in Self-Defense

Police in Chicago have reported that a rideshare driver shot two armed robbers in self-defense on the city’s West Side. The incident occurred after the driver had dropped off a passenger in the North Lawndale neighborhood at around 1 a.m. According to the police, a 20-year-old man and an 18-year-old woman approached the driver at gunpoint and stole the passenger’s cellphone. As they attempted to flee the scene, the robbers shot at the driver.

Fortunately, the driver, who holds a concealed carry license, fired back and managed to hit the male robber in the leg and grazed the female robber’s arm. The male robber was taken to a hospital in good condition, while the female robber declined medical attention. Remarkably, the rideshare driver was unharmed in the incident.

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