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Biden Requests $40 Billion in Emergency Spending, Allocating $13 Billion More for Military Aid to Ukraine

President Biden has asked Congress for $40 billion in emergency spending, including an additional $24 billion for Ukraine. The proposed Ukraine aid includes $13.1 billion for military assistance and replenishing Defense Department stockpiles. It also includes $200 million to counter the impact of the Wagner Group, a mercenary group employed by Russia.

In addition to the Ukraine aid, Biden has requested $4 billion for enforcement at the southern U.S. border and $12 billion for disaster relief, which includes extended pay for firefighters battling wildfires.

This request for emergency spending could set up a clash with Republicans over more aid for Ukraine and increase the growing overseas commitment of taxpayer dollars. Some House Republicans are resisting more funding for Ukraine without stricter oversight, and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has indicated he will not allow a vote on more aid if it bypasses the defense spending cap set in May as part of the debt limit agreement with Biden.

Former President Donald Trump has urged congressional Republicans to withhold military support for Ukraine until investigations of business deals involving him and his son Hunter Biden are conducted. Congress previously approved $45 billion in funding for Ukraine in December, which was supposed to last until the end of September.

According to a CNN poll, a majority of Americans do not support authorizing additional funding for Ukraine, with 55% opposing and 45% in favor. The issue will likely come to a head in September as Congress considers a stopgap spending measure to keep the government open.

Biden is also requesting $4 billion for border enforcement and migrant services, with $800 million specifically directed at efforts to reduce the flow of illicit fentanyl into the U.S. The administration claims that unlawful border crossings have decreased significantly since the implementation of their border enforcement and management plan.

In addition, $12 billion of the requested funds will go towards aid for natural disasters. This money will enable the Federal Emergency Management Agency to continue supporting affected communities and maintain preparedness for future catastrophic events.

Overall, Biden’s emergency spending proposal seeks to address various issues, including military aid to Ukraine, border enforcement, disaster relief, and the pay of wildland firefighters.

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