Norway Fines Meta $100,000 a Day for Using User Data for Advertising Purposes

Norway’s data protection agency announced Tuesday that it would be fining social media giant Meta $100,000 a day for failing to adhere to the country’s ban on mining users’ personal data for targeted advertising.

Datatilsynet, the Norwegian government’s data protection authority, originally announced the ban on the practice on July 14 and said Meta had until Aug. 4 to comply. After discovering that Meta was not following the rules, the “coercive fine” was announced.

Meta’s data mining practices have come under legal scrutiny before. Earlier this year, European Union regulators ruled against Meta in a case concerning their “legitimate interest” to collect user data for advertising purposes.

Meta also was fined over $1 billion by the EU in May for transferring Facebook users’ data from Europe to the U.S., a practice that is illegal under EU privacy law.

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