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Can Burisma Get Assistance from Joe Biden to Avoid a Corruption Investigation?

According to former Biden family business associate Devon Archer, executives at the Ukraine energy firm Burisma were desperate for President Biden’s help in tamping down a state-run corruption probe into their company. They asked Hunter Biden to call his father, who was then the vice president. Archer stated that Hunter Biden made the call at the request of Burisma President Mykola Zlochevsky and another top Burisma official, Vadym Pozharskyi. The call took place in December 2015 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Dubai. However, Archer did not mention the then-vice president by name.

Archer, who is currently facing a yearlong prison sentence for an unrelated conviction, was Hunter Biden’s best friend and closest business partner. He provided a four-hour deposition to House lawmakers, where he detailed how lucrative deals were cut by promoting the Biden “brand,” which referred to Joe Biden and, to a lesser extent, Hunter Biden. The Biden “brand” was valuable to Burisma as they were seeking entry into the European and U.S. energy market but were hindered by corruption allegations.

Archer revealed that Joe Biden brought most of the value to the Biden “brand” and often participated in business meetings Hunter Biden and Archer had, many of which involved foreign nationals. Joe Biden would join the meetings via speaker phone or attend dinners in person. Archer stated that the Burisma executives saw Hunter Biden as a powerful lobbyist and expert due to his association with the Biden name.

Archer’s testimony provides insight into the Biden family’s foreign business deals and raises questions about whether President Biden was involved in any of them. President Biden has denied any knowledge or participation in his son’s deals. However, Archer’s account places the then-vice president in the middle of his son’s business dealings with Russian, Chinese, and Ukrainian nationals.

In addition, Archer confirmed that Joe Biden had a meeting with Jonathan Li, the CEO of investment fund BHR, during a meeting Hunter Biden and Archer were holding in Beijing. The Biden-Li connection has been documented by House investigators. During a trip to China in 2013, Vice President Biden took his son along and arranged for Hunter Biden to meet Li. Shortly after, BHR’s business license was approved, and Hunter Biden became a board member and held a 10% stake in the company. In 2017, Joe Biden wrote college recommendations for Li’s daughter.

Archer stated that he knew nothing about allegations that Burisma’s founder, Mykola Zlochevsky, paid bribes to Joe Biden and Hunter Biden. He also claimed to be unaware of the reason why a Kazakhstan businessman wired $142,000 to a Rosemont Seneca offshoot for Hunter Biden to purchase an expensive sports car.

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