President Biden Leaves White House for Delaware Trip

There’s never been much talk of a summertime “staycation” for the U.S. president, or Congress for that matter. Let us recall that many Americans have opted for the proverbial staycation — dutifully staying at home during their time off and lolling in the backyard rather than at a fancy resort or theme park.

President Biden, meanwhile, left Friday for his beach vacation in Delaware, according to multiple news reports, such as this local update from the First State:

“For the third time since Father’s Day weekend, President Joe Biden is expected to be spending time at his North Shores home. However, unlike the previous two weekend-only visits, it appears the president will be staying through all of next week,” said the Cape Gazette, a news organization in Lewes, Delaware.

It noted that the expected return date to the White House is next Sunday — Aug. 6.

“How nice for him to have 10 days of beach time away from Washington — which would be Biden’s longest stay in Rehoboth since becoming president. But didn’t Biden just get back from a beach vacation earlier this month? Why yes, he did,” quipped a report.

“President Biden ducks and covers on another vacation amidst a spiraling scandal,” noted a headline.

“Mr. Biden has already spent three weekends at Camp David and a weekend at Rehoboth Beach, just in July and the last weekend of June,” the news organization advised.

Then we come to the 118th Congress.

They’re officially out of the office for 30 days beginning Tuesday, with the Senate returning on Sept. 5 — and both chambers in session by the 12th. This is, of course, according to the 2023 Congressional Calendar. The press, in the meantime, is pitching some criticism at the lawmakers. Here’s a trio of sample headlines:

“Members of Congress break for August with no clear path to avoiding a shutdown this fall,” noted the Associated Press. “Congress leaves for August recess with little movement on appropriations bills,” advised ABC News. “House to leave for August recess without resolving key spending fight, as government shutdown threat looms in fall,” said CNN.

The congressional vacation also attracted the attention of someone who has witnessed many lawmakers come and go.

We’re talking about an open letter to “all 535 members of Congress” from Ralph Nader, the longtime environmental activist and political commentator, which he released Friday.

“Does it seem reckless not to be in session, holding hearings, floor deliberations, personally communicating with one another, and legislating at a time of national and international convulsions?” Mr. Nader asked.

“Come to your institutional senses. Convene three out of the five weeks to work inside our legislature and focus our many unproductive committees and subcommittees on these calamities facing our country. That still leaves you with two weeks before Labor Day to rest, stretch and reflect on your full constitutional duties before the nation and the people who sent you there,” Mr. Nader advised.

Former President Donald Trump continues to draw a line in the proverbial sand as his campaign heats up and his legal complications continue.

“Every dollar spent attacking me…”

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