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Joe Biden Applauds Unions as Nationwide Strike Action Looms, Endangering U.S. Economy

President Biden praised labor unions and highlighted his commitment to creating union jobs as part of his Bidenomics agenda, despite the looming threat of strikes that could harm the U.S. economy.

During a speech at a shipyard in Philadelphia, Mr. Biden emphasized his goal of being the most pro-union president in history and stated that union workers are the best in the world, doing the job right and on time, while also being cost-effective in the long term.

However, the economy faces challenges due to a series of strikes:

  • The Writers Guild and the Screen Actors Guild are on strike in Hollywood, demanding a bigger share of streaming revenues and protection against job loss from artificial intelligence.
  • Approximately 34,000 UPS workers have threatened to strike if a deal is not reached by July 31, citing the need for better working conditions and pay.
  • United Auto Workers are in contract talks with auto manufacturers and a strike is expected as they push for union protections at new battery plants for electric vehicles.

These strikes could have severe consequences for the economy, disrupting the production of TV shows, movies, and essential deliveries like medicine.

Teamster President Sean O’Brien has asked President Biden not to get involved if the workers go on strike.

Despite these challenges, the Biden administration remains confident that both sides will reach an agreement and has been actively supporting unionization efforts across various sectors.

The share of U.S. workers belonging to unions has significantly declined over the years, with only 10% of workers in a union as of 2022.

President Biden has consistently advocated for unions and implemented laws that favor companies employing union workers. Policies like the American Rescue Act have also provided support to struggling union pension plans.

Mr. Biden’s efforts to prioritize union jobs align with his goal of supporting the middle class and ensuring fair opportunities for workers.

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